About Us

about-hog-roast-dorsetA bit about us at Hog Roast Dorset. We just love what we do! Meat, beer, bread, sunshine, lovely customers…what more can one ask for! Both Rita and Tony are former South Africans or as a good English friend likes to say…immigrants from the colonies. That’s OK as long as they keep telling everyone about us! We taught him all about braaing a good steak over hot coals…fair swap!

Hailing from sunnier climes where outdoor cooking has always been a way of life, we came to the UK 19 years ago carrying two suitcases, a bag of shoes and a tiny idea in the back of our minds…to become self employed barbecue caterers. We’re finally there, and that, in our opinion say’s a lot about us and our strength of character!

We both grew up in the Kwa Zulu Natal midlands city of Pietermaritzburg. Pietermaritzburg is on the eastern side of South Africa and not too far from Durban. It is a lovely little city with loads of Victorian red brick buildings, and is affectionately known as ‘Maritzburg or Sleepy Hollow. Nearby there are thousands of acres of black wattle, blue gum and pine plantations. Huge quantities of hardwood charcoal is made in the area and exported to various countries for use in restaurant kitchens as well as backyard braai’s.

Our sausages are made by Dorsets top butchery… Keatings of Wimborne!

The word braai or braaing pops up every now and then. This is South African for barbecue….and we love a good braai with a beer or two! Talking of beer, we are pleased to say that our real ale bar is up and running with Sixpenny Brewery’s great range of beer. I love the IPA…it’s just so delicious.

Our sausage barbecues at the Sixpenny Brewery are very popular and our customers are spreading the word about us. New customers are always welcome so please don’t be shy…call us and find out more about us!