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sixpenny-brewerySixpenny Brewery – Real Ale Bar. Most South Africans are partial to a cold beer or two though the beers over there are mostly of the lager or pilsner variety, nothing like the beer brewed by the Sixpenny Brewery.

Before coming to the UK I had never tasted English ale but had heard a few, mostly derogatory, things about it from friends…. warm, flat and tasteless!

I was working for a large company in Bournemouth some years back when a self confessed beer geek, my good friend KP, tried to convince me that there was nothing quite like English ale and assured me that I would come to like it. I of course stuck to my lager laden guns!

After much debate and back pedaling I was duly dragged kicking and screaming to a popular real ale pub near to where we worked and introduced to a variety of ales. Over a period of time I found that ale was not nearly as insipid as I was lead to believe. It just took me a while to find the type of beer most suited to my southern hemisphere trained taste buds. In fact there are a good few ales that are rather tasty and this leads me to our association with the award winning Sixpenny Brewery.

My good friend, the knowledgeable beer geek, took me out on a little trip into deepest, darkest North Dorset and introduced me to Scott and his lovely range of Sixpenny ales….say no more!

Wayland’s Sixpenny Brewery

hog-roast-bournemouthWayland’s Sixpenny Brewery is situated on a farm on the outskirts of the quaintly named North Dorset village of Sixpenny Handley. Owned and operated by Scott and Lorraine Wayland, Sixpenny Brewery has gained an excellent reputation for their ales and have won loads of awards. My personal favorite is the IPA, an excellent ale! Actually they’re all excellent!

O’Hagan’s Sausage made with Sixpenny Brewery IPA

One fine day whilst supping on a pint of Sixpenny Brewery IPA I had this little idea… “How about an O’Hagan’s Sausage made with Sixpenny IPA?” Brilliant if I may say so myself! Needless to say we pursued the idea and the O’Hagan’s Sixpenny IPA Sausage was born and has proved to be exceptionally popular at all our events. A special version was made for the Isle of Wight Garlic Festival..The O’Hagan’s Sixpenny IPA and Garlic sausage. So good they sold out on the first day!

I’ve since applied for and been issued a Personal Licence and this enables us to offer Sixpenny Brewery ales, as well as other alcoholic beverages, for your event. We have a custom made bar and 6 cask stillage that we can easily transport and erect in your back garden… Impress your friends by holding your own beer festival with your BBQ!

Beer and Sausage – you can’t go wrong. Think of it as a balanced diet, sausage in one hand and a pint of Sixpenny Brewery ale in the other!

2 thoughts on “Sixpenny Brewery – Real Ale Bar

  1. Wow….Sixpenny Brewery really do brew excellent ales. Sixpenny Black voted in top 10 ales brewed with English hops. Highly recommended. Look forward to seeing you at Romsey Show later this year!

  2. Excellent ale. Had a good few pints of Sixpenny Brewery’s real ale at the Romsey Show..I especially liked the Best. Easy drinking, full of flavour! Will be visiting the Sixpenny Tap next time we’re in Dorset!

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